Where we train

Most of our Training takes place at Woodbank Park Stadium and in the vast majority of cases, we have the facility to ourselves. This allows us the opportunity to fulfil our commitment to Multi event with our Fundamental and Foundation Groups, as we have the space to do events such as hurdling, high jump etc etc without encroaching on the limited space available and required by other training groups, at busier times.

The facility has full changing facilities including good disabled access, floodlights, a 6 lane newly re-surfaced athletic track with 8 lane home straight, a football field together with a clubhouse for meetings and a catering unit.

We use Woodbank and Vernon parks extensively during the year, for a variety of different purposes and especially for Cross Country and Endurance focused sessions.

To ensure variety, or to achieve certain specific training objectives, training sessions have been conducted in several other venues to date – Lyme Park, Bramhall Park and indoors.