Our Mascot

Our Mascot's name is Chase. He's called that because he's forever being chased, but very seldom caught - an elite athlete ! There are about 32 different species of Hare, but Chase is a European Hare and his posh (Latin) title, when he is announced at medal ceremonies is "Lepus europaeus." We are very proud and pleased to have Chase the Hare as our Mascot, as he is one of nature's best multi-eventers. He is: extremely fast and can run up to speeds of 35 miles/hour; his agility is excellent as he can dodge and change direction quickly (he'd be really good at cats & rats Davey!); he's been known to leap up to ten feet at a time and Bill is trying to sign him up for a Triathlon, as he heard he's good at diving into streams and can swim really well! With a lot of fantasy and imagination of "Alice in Wonderland" proportions, he's even been known to throw a javelin!

Our Mascot challenge over the coming months and years is to get Chase photographed at as many different athletic events, however big or small, wherever in the world and maybe even with some elite athletes. Are you up for the challenge? Where's he going first?

CHASE inspects his domain.                   CHASE packs his bags

Chase inspects his domain and gives it his approval. He's been told to get ready for his next trip - so he packs his bag!


Chase on his Travels Competition 4:

Where's he been this time and who took him there? First correct answer back to me in writing Wins!

Clue 1:

Clue 2:

Clue 3:

Chase recently visited the beautiful city of Berlin. The highlight for him, was visiting the Olympic Stadium which held the games in 1936 prior to the Second World War. As you can see he was highly excited to visit the stadium in which the great Jesse Owens won his 4 gold medals and in turn made absolute mockery and nonsense of the Nazi ideology on race and sport.


  • Chase interviews elite multi-eventer
  • He is behind you - RUN !
  • Chase in the Olympic Stadium Berlin
  • Climb every mountain ......!
  • Training on the beach
  • Chase at the Atomium Brussels
  • Taking hurdling too far !
  • Chase tackling a Belgian Waffle
  • Chase at the Notre Dame du Sablon in Brussels
  • Chase at the Grand Place Brussels
  • MCS & Chase
  • Chase interviews his endurance idol
  • Chase very high up in Berlin!
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  • Chase meets Don Quixote in Brussels !
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