Facemasks for General Public use

During this Lockdown period, when I have been forced into not being able to coach athletics, I took the opportunity to reestablish business contacts from my past.

I am importing face masks, for use by the General Public, from the EU. The Manufacturer’s description of their product is on the attachment below and the facemasks come in a multitude of colours, beyond what is shown.

I currently have a very limited stock, as the demand for the product from the manufacturer is great and the supply is limited, by the fact that the country is in strict Lockdown and their employees cannot get into work. As they come out of lockdown supply will increase and I will have more stock to work with. There are also delays in Transport of the Goods to the UK. Orders can take up to 2 weeks to arrive in the UK.

The Facemasks are washable & re-usable and will be sold on a first come first served basis for £5 GBP. In order for an Order to be placed, an upfront payment needs to be made.

Once a mask is purchased it is non-returnable / non-refundable as it is potentially contaminated through handling and wearing.

If you are interested in purchasing a facemask for every day use please contact me via email:

Stay active, stay well, stay safe.

A Highlights summary of the 2019 Track & Field Season

Stockport Athletics Coaching had a very Successful Outdoor T&F Season in 2019. Below are just some of the many highlights of the season:


  • The group coached 65 young developing athletes over this period of: varying interest; commitment & athletic ability. We remain a Non-elitist training group that is open to all. We continue to use the Long Term Athlete development Model (LTADM) for all our young athletes.
  • 32 members of the group proudly represented their local club Stockport Harriers Athletics Club (SHAC) in both Club & Open Competitions. Even greater numbers competed for their schools at local, regional & national events.
  • As a group our contribution to the two Club competitions (YDL & Cheshire League) was immense and outstanding. Two very good examples: We made up 37% of the Upper Age Group (UAG) team that gained promotion in the Youth development League(YDL) and we made up 35% of the Cheshire League team in the final match, which helped the team finish 4th overall in that league.
  • Due to the LTADM that we follow, our contributions were not just in one specialist event but across the majority of Run, Jump & Throw events.


  • Combined Events: The only 2 U17B Octathletes; 2 out of 3 U15B Pentathletes; The only 2 U17G Heptathletes and 2 U15G Pentathletes come from our group. The LTADM is being adhered to. 
  • Two out of three athletes who have run 800m under 2 mins have come from our group. They are both only 18 years old.
  • The only athletes doing Steeplechase are all from our group – 7 in total.
  • Athletes from the group are the best at SHAC in 40 events across all age groups. This is across a very wide spectrum of Run, Jump & Throw events.


  • Sam Johnson & Luke Farrant under 2min for 800m.
  • Luke Farrant, Evie Wild and Esther Hulley selected for English Schools T&F Championships: Luke Farrant 5th fastest time in 800m and Evie Wild 8th in High Jump.
  • Luke Farrant 3rd in 1500m Northern T&F Championships.
  • Esther Hulley Mason Trophy Champion 2019 U17G Steeplechase.
  • Evie Wild 6th U17G EA Combined Events Nationals & 9th U17G English Schools Combined Events Nationals.
  • Evie Wild, Harry Miller Reedman, Harry Reeder Hirst & Jonah Wall representing Greater Manchester at English Schools CE Nationals.
  • The multitude of UK rankings achieved by individuals during the season.

Evie 7th in the U17 National Indoor Pentathlon Championships!

Congratulations Evie on this excellent achievement from the whole of the group! Evie improved her Pentathlon points tally by 227 points by getting PBs in 4 out of the 5 events!! Her focus throughout the day, was absolutely brilliant. With all the changes Evie has had to make recently this is an extremely well deserved result. I know Evie is now really looking forward to the Outdoor Track & Field season and the Heptathlon. That is what it is all about making progress over time and looking forward to future challenges!

Overall Evie is ranked 8th in the Pentathlon Nationally.


MACCL 2018/19 Success!

Congratulations to Luke & Sam for picking up a Team Gold medal in the U20 mens competition for SHAC in the MACCL! The only club to produce a team in this age group! It's about Longevity not early specialisation. Big Congratulations go to Luke who achieved an individual Silver medal - not bad for a lad who was 9th fastest over 800m at the indoor Nationals!!! As a group we are very proud of you both considering your main event focus is elsewhere at present. Congratulations also go to Lauren for picking up a silver team medal for SHAC in the U17 Girls Competition! Again only one of two qualifying teams in this age group!! Her second medal of the season as she was part of the Bronze medal winning team at the Greater Manchester XC Championships. Lauren's commitment to long term development is second to none and she deserves every success that comes her way. There is no substitute for HARD WORK & PATIENCE! Congratulations to all our athletes who competed in the MACCL this season for SHAC!!!!
I'm sure every individual, in our competitive training groups, will be committed to further individual and team successes in the rapidly approaching Outdoor T&F season!