Cheshire League - Round 2

Fourteen of our young Athletes contributed to another SHAC victory in this very successful T&F season. I was delighted that Harry RH made his debut for the club - in 4 events! and that Matthew S competed for the first time this Summer. The group competed across 14 different events, which demonstrates how our multi-event approach, as part of a Long Term Athlete Development model, is working extremely well in providing opportunity and keeping all future options open to our young group of athletes. An extremely good example is that when there was noone for U13 Boys Discus, two of our group Daniel & Rhys stepped forward to fill these places. Daniel is currently ranked 2nd at the Club in this event, as a multi-eventer.

There were numerous, well deserved PBs across the group and in many different events. Particularly impressive were Luke's massive PB in the 3000m, Rhys' over 4m Long Jump, Libby & Harry MR's PBs in their middle distance races and I liked Harry RH's first effort in the 800m and his time in the 100m.

As we get deeper into the T&F season, I am looking forward to reporting on many positive results, as we invest more training across a multitude of events. Some athletes made excellent progress over half term.

Congratulations Harry RH, Rhys, Sam, Matthew, Annabel, Alexa, Lauren, Libby, Harry MR, Harvey, Cameron, Daniel & Luke on your excellent contribution to the team and on your personal achievements!

UAG YDL - Match 2

Absolutely delighted with our performances & contributions to the Team on a Day that was not ideal from a weather perspective : warm, windy and rain at times!

Troy - doing a great job for the team as an U17 racing against U20s in the 100m/200m and achieving two PBs. The only Stockport Harrier Throwing Discus in the U17M age group!! That says it all and the coaching group is delighted with his attitude to competing for his local athletics club and the progress he is making through Competition.

Sam - 3 PBs out of 4 events!! Need I say more. Congratulations Sam! I should really: 400mH achieved in an uncompetitive race; 200m PB achieved in an absolute downpour; Discus PB off the back of very little training in the event and a near High Jump PB off even less training in it! Fabulous from Derbyshire's top octathlete from last year!

Lauren - An endurance athlete asked to do two 300m, a Discus Throw & Javelin throw with an U20 Javelin. Fabulous speedwork, strength work .......... LONG TERM ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT! Remains a great role model in so many different ways within the group.

Luke - Contributed team points in the Long Jump & Shot and in a very tactical race came second in the 1500m (an improvement of two places from round 1). Having a great first T&F season with the group and deserves every success because of his total commitment to train & compete!

Harry - The only U17 to be selected to compete for Greater Manchester this year in the Octathlon in the regional ESAA Combined Events regional finals, got a good Hurdles PB and gained points for the team in the Long Jump & Javelin. The Group is very proud of Harry. Being able to do 8 events to a good & getting better standard, is great credit to him!

Trafford medal meeting 28.05.18

As we get deeper into the T&F season the PBs & UK rankings are beginning to stack up. Yesterday at Trafford's Open Medal meeting our U11s/U13's & U15s achieved 12 PBs amongst them. As a group we recently spoke about how important our middle distance running is to different athletes for different reasons. I am therefor very pleased with Jacob, Ollie & Grace's PBs in the 600m/800m races. Jacob needs a special mention, as he in fact PBd in all three events he did, the other two being Long Jump & 75m. Great Multi-eventing Jacob!

Other highlights, as far as I am concerned, were Grace producing a Long Jump PB, which reflected what she had done in training on the previous day; Annabel's two PBs in Long Jump and the 100m and her first club competition in Javelin and Cameron's second place podium finish in the Javelin.

Well done to Jacob, Oliver, Harvey, Cameron, Annabel, Grace & Ella for doing their best on what was a scorchingly hot afternoon out there!

Weekend of 21 PBs & 4 UK rankings!

Congratulations to all those who picked up medals on the Weekend! As lead coach I am more interested in improved performances in terms of PBs & UK rankings. I am therefor delighted with the following outcomes from the Weekend:

Lancashire Combined Events:

Kate(2nd) and Jacob(1st) were the youngest athletes from the group competing in a Quadrathlon (50m/Standing Long Jump/400m/ mini Vortex). I'm so impressed with how comfortable they are with Competition from a very early age - as it should be, after all, it is just another training session and all they are doing is replicating what they do in training on a regular basis. I particularly liked the way they ran their 400s.

Natalie completed another Quadrathlon(75m/Standing Long Jump/600m/Turbo Javelin) achieving a very good PB in the 75m. Being one of only two U11s competing against U13s, she did extremely well across all 4 events. Daniel was another athlete doing a Quadrathlon, achieving two good PBs in Long Jump & 100m.

Josie completed her first Pentathlon and got a PB in the Shot, whilst Jonah impressed with his first Pentathlon, achieving PBs in 4 out of the 5 events. Harvey was yet another of our young athletes doing 5 events in a day,  for the first time and he achieved a PB in Shot. Harry's Octathlon, over two days, was another first and he achieved PBs in the Discus & Hurdles.

Last but not least, Annabel won her Quadrathlon, but more importantly she achieved two excellent UK rankings in Long Jump & 100m and gained valuable experience in her first 800m! Great progress.

Trafford Open Meeting:

Fantastic to have Ollie & Rhys back competing, with consistent, regular training these two lads will go from strength to strength over the season. I was very pleased with what I heard about Ella's 600m and the way she ran it and it was good to see that Alexa achieved a PB in her sprint. Grace has been training really well recently and so I am not in any way surprised that she achieved PBs in all three events she competed in. Libby got a PB in Long Jump and I was delighted for her and Mary achieving their first UK rankings. Libby in the Javelin & Mary in the Shot.

Lots of firsts, lots of great commitment & effort & lots of great learning and experience gained! Can't ask for more.

Trafford medal meeting 02.04.18

Our T&F season got off to a cracking start on Easter Bank Holiday Monday with 11 PBs in 7 different events. An excellent, genuine, multi-event start to the season, especially when you consider that we don't do T&F all the year round and the weather conditions on the day. Congratulations to Daniel, Mary, Natalie, Grace, Ella, Harvey, Josie, Alexa & Jonah for getting a really good early season Competition/training session in. Alexa won the U11G Long Jump Competition and Josie her 800m heat.

I'm delighted that Alexa & Natalie gained their first experience of outdoor T&F away from Woodbank and that Josie & Harvey competed in the sprint hurdles for the very first time. Progress is being made on a multitude of fronts by the group but there is so much more to come from everyone as we progress through the season.

I'd like to also give a mention to Harry, Sam & Luke who started their outside T&F season in atrocious weather conditions the week before in Blackpool. Harry got some much needed hurdling experience in, for the first time over the U17 hurdle height & distance and Luke led the 800m race from start to finish with Sam finishing in second.

Looking forward to our next T&F Competition and to some Warm dry weather to go with it!