Website Designer: I'd like to thank Mike Shaw for all the time and effort he put into this project. It was very kind of him to agree to get involved and complete it in his free time. Particularly impressive was his patience with dealing with an over enthusiastic, over analytical and over demanding individual such as myself. The design and layout that he has come up with make the Website simple and easy to navigate and with it's smart but youthful and dynamic feel about it, I hope all users will enjoy accessing it.

Website Consultant: Gerard Featherstone was instrumental in determining the content and very generously lent me, on many occasions, his very creative brain. The time, effort and just as importantly, ideas, that he has given to the project are very much appreciated. His support, on a broader scale, with what we are trying to achieve with our training group, is a constant source of encouragement to myself.

Website Illustrator: Andy Elliott has done a wonderful job of giving our mascot, called "Chase", a colourful, dynamic and fun image. The illustrations give, in my opinion, a youthful and enthusiastic feel to the site.

Website Photographer: A big thank you to Nick Jones who volunteers his time to come out with us and take some really spectacular photos of the children in action. It is very much appreciated by myself and by our group of parents. As for the children - I think the pictures themselves show how much they appreciate him being there. Thanks Nick ! Sara & Gareth have also made valuable photographic contributions to the site, to date.

Thank you to the parents and coaches who tested the website and gave me their feedback prior to launch.

Sara, thank you for all your advice, support and encouragement.