A Highlights summary of the 2019 Track & Field Season

Stockport Athletics Coaching had a very Successful Outdoor T&F Season in 2019. Below are just some of the many highlights of the season:


  • The group coached 65 young developing athletes over this period of: varying interest; commitment & athletic ability. We remain a Non-elitist training group that is open to all. We continue to use the Long Term Athlete development Model (LTADM) for all our young athletes.
  • 32 members of the group proudly represented their local club Stockport Harriers Athletics Club (SHAC) in both Club & Open Competitions. Even greater numbers competed for their schools at local, regional & national events.
  • As a group our contribution to the two Club competitions (YDL & Cheshire League) was immense and outstanding. Two very good examples: We made up 37% of the Upper Age Group (UAG) team that gained promotion in the Youth development League(YDL) and we made up 35% of the Cheshire League team in the final match, which helped the team finish 4th overall in that league.
  • Due to the LTADM that we follow, our contributions were not just in one specialist event but across the majority of Run, Jump & Throw events.


  • Combined Events: The only 2 U17B Octathletes; 2 out of 3 U15B Pentathletes; The only 2 U17G Heptathletes and 2 U15G Pentathletes come from our group. The LTADM is being adhered to. 
  • Two out of three athletes who have run 800m under 2 mins have come from our group. They are both only 18 years old.
  • The only athletes doing Steeplechase are all from our group – 7 in total.
  • Athletes from the group are the best at SHAC in 40 events across all age groups. This is across a very wide spectrum of Run, Jump & Throw events.


  • Sam Johnson & Luke Farrant under 2min for 800m.
  • Luke Farrant, Evie Wild and Esther Hulley selected for English Schools T&F Championships: Luke Farrant 5th fastest time in 800m and Evie Wild 8th in High Jump.
  • Luke Farrant 3rd in 1500m Northern T&F Championships.
  • Esther Hulley Mason Trophy Champion 2019 U17G Steeplechase.
  • Evie Wild 6th U17G EA Combined Events Nationals & 9th U17G English Schools Combined Events Nationals.
  • Evie Wild, Harry Miller Reedman, Harry Reeder Hirst & Jonah Wall representing Greater Manchester at English Schools CE Nationals.
  • The multitude of UK rankings achieved by individuals during the season.