MACCL Race 3 - Kenworthy Woods

The group had 10 athletes competing at this event. Cross Country is one of the toughest events an athlete can put themselves through both physically & mentally. For that very reason, I am extremely pleased with the effort and commitment put in by Luke, Sam, Harvey, Jonah, Daniel, Josie, Lauren, Ella, Grace & Libby.

From a performance perspective, I am delighted that the group has two U17 Boys in the top 20 in the region in Luke (9th) & Sam (18th). I am also very impressed with Josie (19th) & Harvey (20th) who are in the first year of their age group and they have to be really proud of their top 20 positions as multi-eventers.

A final mention goes to Lauren who had far from an ideal preparation leading up to the race, but in true Lauren/group fashion got on with it and put in a really tough/gritty performance.

As Human beings we cannot always be at our best or perform at our best, for a vast range of reasons. Sometimes we need to use races as a means of getting back to full fitness, a training session at the highest intensity.

I'm sure the whole group is very proud of these really tough young athletes.