SHAC & MHAC Primary School Cross Country Leagues

Our Primary School group have been really busy this Autumn, with their 7th XC of the year taking place this Saturday at Woodbank Park. With this very young group, the priority is very much technique and learning. If we get the process right the outcomes will take care of themselves, over time, as we follow the LONG TERM ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT MODEL.

Dillon's consistency as a year 3 against year 4s is excellent and he is learning a lot in his first Cross Country season about running over longer distances. Jacob is getting technically/tactically better all the time and Kate produced a season's best in the last SHAC XC with a gritty, more determined effort.

I was delighted that Lily got her first Cross Country in at the last Woodbank event. In the same very tough conditions, Ava produced her best result of the season, which will help her tremendously with her main sport. Natalie is beginning to make some massive technical strides forward, as is Alexa. Alexa's consistency, in terms of results, as a year 5 against year 6s, bodes very well for the future. Jack is also doing very well off once a week training, achieving his best result of the season at the last MHAC race. His Athletic intelligence is second to none.

For a variety of different reasons the coaching group are very proud of this young group of athletes.