ESAA Combined Events Regional Finals 2017


What Sam has achieved in just a two year period cannot be overstated. Two years in specialised training is not a very long time, spreading three hours of training/week, over more than eight events, whilst still playing other sports, is beyond challenging! For the end result to be that Sam is currently ranked 39th in the UK as an Octathlete, achieving a UK 100 target is nothing less than outstanding!! The picture of him High Jumping above is one of the 6 events he achieved a PB in over the two days. The reality of the situation is that the result would have been even better, but for unavoidable interruptions to training and competitions leading up to the event. Most importantly, Sam has kept to the athlete development model that we stick to and now finds himself in a very strong position with regard to how he wants to proceed with his athletic development. Having joined us as a 14 year old the coaching group has been so impressed with his open mindedness to trying something new and his persistence in learning new skills & events. Whatever Sam decides to do with his undoubted talent he has the coaching groups best wishes and full support. He is a real pleasure to coach.

As Sam comes to the end of his ESAA Combined Events experience, Harry has just started out with it, due to the 18 month setback we had to his training. Harry competed in a single day pentathlon and achieved 2 good PBs in the Hurdles & 800m. If Harry continues to fully commit to multi-eventing, he has two really good years as an Octathlete to look forward to. The coaching group are really proud of his resilience in coming back from a "freak" injury and to be one of only two athletes competing for the Greater Manchester region in the event, is a great credit to himself.

I don't just see the above as good athletic development, as good athletic performances, more importantly I see it as excellent "whole child development". The learning that is taking place is being done in a multitude of different areas.

Sam & Harry congratulations from the whole group!