Mathew Connor leads the way in a great training group performance at Quadrathlon 2015

It gave me great pleasure to see 14 of our athletes take part in this excellently organised event. If you are a multi-eventer or you are serious about your athletic development, then these are the sort of events that need to be made a priority. The group is growing rapidly and so I am not able to comment on each individual, as much as I would like to. I am sure the group will allow me, on this occasion, to highlight Mathew's achievement. Mathew joined the group only 18 months ago and this is only his second T & F season. Over this short period of time he has competed & trained across a very wide range of events. There is no specialisation going on and considering he trains for just 3 hours a week, his performance on Saturday was outstanding and really well deserved. With PBs in all 4 events, Mathew is the 2015 U15 Boys Quadrathlon Champion!

Congratulations from the whole of the group Mathew. We are all very proud of you and I think you are a really good role model for some of the younger athletes, as you give every event and every training session your very best. Extremely well deserved!

Jonah - 4th overall in U11 Boys Competition!

Louis & Daniel - gaining valuable competition experience against year 5s, as year 4s.

Sofia - 6th overall with interrupted preparation! Throwing now coming more into the equation.

Libby - another year 4 competing against year 5s and continuously working on her speed.

Harry - coming back from injury and coming an excellent 11th! Watch this space.

Mathew - Speed improvement all round and very evidently starting to jump well.

Lauren - continues to work on her speed for her long term development.

Ella - a year 6 against year 7s - good 800m and beginning to Jump!

Millie - all round improvement - Shot result is impressive!

Grace - overall 4th in the U9 Girls competition!

Oliver - good to see him do a 600m and enjoy himself so much.

Jack - great effort across all events - nice long jump.

Every single athlete spent a lovely day, at a great venue, working on their speed and technique across Run, Jump and Throw. I suggest that that is exactly what they should be doing at this age and thank my fellow coaches and all the parents for their support in trying to achieve our long term athlete development objectives. The large number of PBs achieved are an indicator that we are moving forward on numerous levels.