Blackpool Winter Warm Up Open 2014

Millie and Sofia kicked off the Track & Field Season in really good style on Sunday. These two young athletes are both in the younger year of their age groups and in Millie's case this was her first ever Track & Field event. Sofia in her first U11 T & F competition picked up two excellent PBs in the 80m and 600m coming 6th overall in both. Things didn't quite work out in the Long Jump but I put that down to the disruption of being pulled away from it for the 600m. Well done Fi an excellent start to Track & Field.

Millie came up with two excellent performances in the Long Jump (8th) and the 600m (5th) with excellent distances & times respectively. A great foundation to build from. I was very impressed with how the girls familiarised themselves with everything very quickly and took everything in their stride. It's as if they have been doing Track & Field for years. Well done to you both.

Blackpool Winter Warm Up Results March 2014