5th Stockport Harrier Primary Schools Cross Country 2013/14

I was absolutely thrilled by the commitment and attitude shown by our multi-event group at the last Stockport Harrier Schools Cross Country. Endurance running is just a small part of our overall yearly training program and plan and the children put their maximum effort into it, as they do with all the other events they get involved in.

The year 3 and 4 girls got off to a fantastic start. It was great to have Grace B doing it again having missed a few recently. Well done Grace on working on all 5 fitness components. Poppy in only her second ever Cross Country, completed the course in a continuous run and as a result got a PB time and best position (24 places better!) to date. Very pleased with how this young athlete is progressing and developing all the time. The same can be said for Grace T who looks as if she has been doing cross countries for years. I really love the way Grace T runs in a totally comfortable, confident manner and I am not at all surprised that she achieved her best position to date and came 17th. It’s only ever going to get better! Well done Grace T on your first top 20 finish!

Hannah, like Poppy and Grace T, is a year 3 running against year 4s, in their very first Cross Country season. To produce a PB of 7.33 and come 7th is truly outstanding and very well deserved. Hannah is always listening very carefully to how she can improve, which demonstrates such maturity for one so young. The sheer grit and determination she demonstrates during the race is wonderful to see. Finally, Sofia put in another great run leading the race until the last 75m. Her second place was full of positivity, courage, determination and character. What fascinates me about this young lady is her ability to adapt her race tactics every time and yet finish consistently in the top 5. Brilliant!

William B in the Yr 3 & 4 boys race put in maximum effort , as always, against the older boys and seems to be increasingly getting more out of his running. It is great to see him enjoying his first season doing the event. William’s 26th place is a very good achievement considering he trains infrequently. Going for it, with a smile on his face, sums up Will!

In the year 5 & 6 girls race, Cara achieved her best finish to date(33rd), Millie had her first experience of a two lap XC to date and finished an excellent 15th and Ella continues to go from strength to strength against the older Girls, with her best finish to date in 14th place. I was particularly pleased, with the manner of the performance,  that Lauren produced, to achieve her best ever position and a PB in conditions that were dire. Her run was positive right from the outset and when the going got tough she really dug in. I know that just like the Year 3 & 4 Girl group, the more these girls train together the better they will get.

Finally, the year 5 & 6 Boys all put in really solid performances. This is an extremely competitive event and our multi-eventers do very well against lads who, in some cases, only do endurance events. William came 15th, Harry 11th and to me the outstanding performance came from Ben with a PB of 12.03. Technically, Ben is getting stronger and it is beginning to show. Ben knows, that if he keeps working hard in training and listening to how he can improve technically, the results will take care of themselves.

5th Stockport Harriers Primary Schools Cross Country results