Trafford Medal meeting - April 1st 2013

On a biiterly cold day at Longford Park stadium, I was particularly pleased with a number of performances. Firstly, I was really impressed with the attitude and commitment shown by the newcomer to our group. William put in good efforts in all three events he took part in and laid down some excellent foundations for future performances. Considering that was his first Track & Field competition he should be very proud of what he achieved. Well done William!

Coming off the back of really good, first, Cross Country seasons, I was also very pleased to see Lauren achieve two PBs in her 75m sprint and 600m middle distance races and Harry achieve a PB in his 75m sprint. They have both locked into improving their speed, right from the start of the season, which is absolutely great!

As a multi-event group, there is a lot of work to be done over the next 6 months. The improvements will come, if there is a focus on getting technique right in training and then transferring it to competition, coupled with putting maximum effort into every event we do.